The Andrew Lynam and Elizabeth Green.
by Linda Trent

Many many thanks go out to Bill Lynam for his excellent research, which is located at:

I can't help thinking back to the days when I did genealogy with my parents.  My Charles W. Rice was about as far back as we were able to get, but we didn't know his birthdate, place, marriage, death, or even much about his service in the Civil War.   That was 25 years ago, and now I not only have that information, but what political party he belonged to, and much about the 53rd OVI's service at Shiloh.  How did I get so lucky?  People like Bill Lynam who post wills and such!  Not only do I have those things about Charles, but I've been able to take his family back another 3-4 generations and do it solidly.

Much of what I have on this page is thanks to Bill, some of it is my research based upon what he published on his website.  According to Bill, Andrew was born Jan. 5, 1759 in Guilford County, NC.  Armed with this information I was able to find him in Bath County, in the 1840 census. A  He is listed as 80 and under 90 (1750-1760) and the only other person in his household is Elizabeth 70 and under 80 year old .  This would mean that Elizabeth was born between 1760 and 1770. 

"Andrew Linam" was a veteran of the American Revolution, and showed up as a pensioner in the 1840 census aged 81 years, (this is a different page of the '40 census than the family information).
While we're on the topic of his Revolutionary War service, it appears as though he was also a Reverend, notice in the Congressional records it reads dated December 21, 1836, "Mr. French presented documents in support of a claim of the Rev. Andrew Lynam to a pension for services in the revolutionary war."  Then on Saturday Dec. 31, 1836 it reads,  Mr. French presented an additional document of Andrew Lynam,  of the State of Kentucky, a revolutionary war soldier, relating to an increase of his pension." B

Andrew Lynam and Elizabeth Green were married Dec. 7, 1788, Lincoln County, Ky. C  D

Elizabeth lived into the 1850s just long enough to be counted in the 1850 census.  She's listed under her son Richard as E. G. Lynam which is Elizabeth Green Lyman, she's aged 85 (1765).  Richard is listed as having been born in Garrett, Ky.  There is no county by the name of Garrett, but there is a town by that name in Floyd County.  Did he mean the town of Garrett, or did he mean Garrard County, Ky?  Elizabeth's family was most likely from the Garrard County area, and several Lynam researchers tend to agree that it was most likely Garrard County.  I've not proven satisfactorily that this is her, but there was a case in 1849 in the Garrard County Circuit "Lynam, &c. vs. Green, &c":  "There was no error in dismissing Mrs. Lynam's cross bill, and disregarding her claim.  Whatever may be the extent of the interest in the money, bequeathed to her in her father's will..." E  So is this Elizabeth Green Lynam suing over her claim in her father Mr. Green's estate?

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